McKern believe in delivering a complete professional solution to our clients. We seek to bring clarity to complexity and this often involves working with a range of experts. When necessary, McKern are happy to introduce our clients to our trusted affiliates which may include;


We have assisted clients in the past with a number of different types of legal issues where it has been necessary to engage a Barrister.  We have worked with Barristers with various areas of expertise. Should you become involved in a legal matter bearing significant financial risk, speak to McKern and we may be able to refer you to a Barrister with the necessary expertise. 

Business Bankers

McKern work closely with a number of business bankers from various banks and branches in our local area. Business bankers can be invaluable for the management of your business, especially during periods of financial stress or instability.  If you are not satisfied with the relationship you have with your current bank, we would be happy to introduce you to someone who may be able to better service your needs.

Finance Brokers

Whether it is for the purchase of a new home, an investment property, or re-financing of an existing debt, many of our clients use finance brokers to assist them to get the best finance available.  Through working with our clients, we also get to know the brokers working in our area, as we often provide them with financial information on our clients’ behalf.  McKern regularly refer a small number of finance brokers who we are happy to recommend, and if required, can refer you to someone we feel would be able to meet your needs.  McKern do not accept any form of commission on referrals, and our referral will be hand selected according to your individual needs in terms of the type of finance you require.

Financial Planners

Recent years have seen a huge amount of reform in the Financial Planning industry.  This is great news in relation to protection for our clients.  The more stringent regulations that are in place mean that more than ever, you will require the services of a qualified financial planner at some stage of your life, or business.  This is where McKern Strategic was born. A fully licensed authorised representative under an AFSL, operating from our existing accounting location in collaboration with the accounting practice, providing strategic superannuation, insurance, succession planning and various other services.  We no longer need to arrange separate meetings with financial planners in order to satisfy licensing requirements.   

Legal Advisors

Many of our clients use lawyers and solicitors in their every day business lives.  McKern regularly work closely with a number of lawyers in our local area who we have found to be able to provide a professional and reasonably priced service.  Depending on your specific needs, we can refer you to a lawyer we believe will be best suited to providing that service.