Valentine's Savings

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We understand that all of our businesses are different, and that we ustilise Xero for similar reasons to accomplish very different objectives. We also know that it is a fee you would rather not have to pay for, and our Valentine's Day gift to you is to help with this. At Mckern we appreciate our clients and would like to take this opportunity to show this gratitude by extending the benefits of our Xero membership to them. We receive a discount on the bookkeeping software packages and we would like to pass on the 20% discount that we receive! If you would like to accept our offer, you will be required to transfer the subscription over to McKern and your Xero fees will be billed quarterly through the McKern account.

To transfer the subscription to McKern, please login to your Xero account, go to Settings - Subscription - Manage Subscription - Options - Transfer Subscription. 

Please fill out the details below:

First Name: Xero

Last Name: McKern


Then select Request Transfer.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

McKern & Associates Pty Ltd