Join the McKern Team

As an employer, McKern values opportunity and seeks to grow and support our staff in their chosen career path.  

Our team is diverse and we encourage each staff member to continue to expand their knowledge and qualifications. McKern does this through our staff training and study leave incentives. Generous study leave and rewards have helped to develop an extremely loyal, reliable and qualified team, with many staff members continuing with McKern long after they have finished their further studies. 

Study Leave

Some of our McKern team have been employed as undergraduates and attend university a few days each week. For our undergraduates study leave is offered on the basis of one day plus the day of the exam, per subject for final exams. This is calculated on a pro rate basis for part-time staff.

For those participating in post graduate professional studies, we provide two days plus the day of the exam for each module.


The McKern team pride ourselves on our knowledge, professionalism and performance. 

McKern conducts monthly in-house training to ensure all staff members are best equipped to serve our client's every need. Every team member is required to participate in this training which includes updates on the latest rules and regulations, as well as monthly external sessions with Specialist Tax Trainers.  

McKern staff are required to attend various industry seminars to ensure they are up to date with the latest changes, legislations and strategies. 


Employment Opportunities 

Interest in joining the McKern team? Please email a resume and cover letter to